Mount Kilimanjaro

Price: $3,400
Location: Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
Skill Level: Moderate

Mount Kilimanjaro is the perfect mountain for first-timers as it is known as the least technical of the seven summits. Experience five different temperate zones from jungle to high desert to a glaciated summit. The Machame route is an exceptional trek and a journey anyone is sure to enjoy. Hike and dine first-class as we are accompanied by local porters and chefs. Our journey will take us to the crater where we will camp before our summit attempt. After the climb choose to lengthen your adventure via our Kibera Slum Compassion Trip and/or Swaziland Compassion Trip or venture back into nature for some photographic moments on our fantastic Ngorongoro Safari.

  • Price: $3,400.00

    Trip Dates 2013

    • 6/7 – 6/16


    No previous experience required. Strong hiking skills recommended.

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    Compassion Trip $1,200 | Ngorongoro Safari $1,200 (Specify in registration email.)

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  • Day 1

    Arrive Kilimanjaro International Airport, Tanzania. (JRO). Overnight Hotel in Marangu

    Day 2

    Rest Day. We spend the day sightseeing and shopping. Evening equipment check and orientation.

    Day 3

    Leave for Machame Gate in the Rainforest, check -in and start our ascent to Machame Camp.

    Day 4

    Leave the Machame Camp, inter to the moor lands. We hike further to Shira Plateau and make camp at Shira Camp.

    Day 5

    Climb to lava tower eat lunch and continue on to Barranco Camp.

    Day 6

    We climb over the Barranco Wall to Karanga Valley and make camp there.

    Day 7

    Leave Karanga valley and climb to our high camp at Kosovo (15,600’). Rest and acclimatize for our hike to crater camp.

    Day 8

    Leave Kosovo Camp and hike up to the crater rim, descend down into the crater to crater camp. Rest and prepare for summit day.

    Day 9

    Arise early for our summit to Uhuru Peak (19,340’). Watch the sun rise over Africa, then make our descent to Mweka Camp. Overnight here.

    Day 10

    We descend the Mweka route. After reaching the Mweka Gate we drive back to Marangu and enjoy a celebratory dinner.

  • Magnitude Level II

    Little climbing experience needed, good physical contition and strong hiking skills are necessary.


    7-10 hours/day


    Hike up to 12 miles per day


    Mountainous, exposed terrain with steep ascents/descents and uneven trails

    Elevation Change

    Up to 3,000 feet per day


    Up to 19,500 feet

  • What To Bring

    Climbing Equipment

    • Adjustable 3 section Ski/Trekking poles: (1) pair.
    • Headlamp: A good quality climbers headlamp. Bring extra batteries.


    • Running or tennis shoes: (1) pair to wear around camp and also for safari.
    • Light hiking boots or trekking shoes: (1) pair of sturdy boots. Boots should be waterproof and very warm.
    • Gaiters: (1) pair used to keep rocks out of shoes and boots dry.
    • Wool or Synthetic Socks: (3) pair heavyweight socks (wool is warmer) to be worn over liner socks.

    Technical clothing

    • Lightweight long underwear: (2) pair. Tops & bottoms. No cotton.
    • Trekking pants: (2) pair. Lightweight nylon trekking pants worn during start of climb and safari.
    • Soft shell pants: (Optional)
    • Hard shell pants: Waterproof, breathable. Goretex is recommended.
    • Insulated synthetic pants: Be sure pants can be removed while wearing boots.
    • Synthetic/soft shell jacket: (Mid to heavyweight).
    • Hard shell jacket w/ hood: Goretex is best, for breathability.
    • Insulated down jacket w/ hood or insulated synthetic jacket w/ hood. Medium to heavy weight with hood.


    • Balaclava: (1) lightweight.
    • Warm lightweight synthetic/wool hat: Hat should cover ears
    • Baseball cap/sun hat
    • Bandana.
    • Glacier glasses


    • Lightweight synthetic gloves: (2) pair, quick drying material. Should fit comfortably inside heavy mitts.
    • Hard Shell Mitts w/ insulated removable liner: (1) pair each. A good pair of ski mittens/gloves work well.

    Personal Equipment

    • Trekking backpack: A day pack big enough to carry water bottles, camera, lunch and extra clothing. 3,000 max.
    • Water bottles: (2 to 3) Wide mouth bottles with minimum 1 Liter capacity per bottle.
    • Pee Bottle (1 Liter): Optional. Highly recommended. For cold nights in the tent. Large mouth, clearly marked bottle.
    • Pee Funnel (for women): Optional. Highly recommended. For cold nights in the tent.
    • Sunscreen: SPF 30 or better, (2) small tubes.
    • Lipscreen: SPF 40 or better, at least (2) sticks.
    • Water purification tablets
    • Sleeping bag: Expedition quality to at least +10 F.
    • Self Inflating pad: One 3/4 or full length w/repair kit.


    • Large duffel bag
    • Small duffle bag: For storage.
    • Plastic bags: (3) Trash compactor bags are best.
    • Small pair of binoculars: Optional, but highly recommended. For safari.
    • Trail snack food items: Special energy supplements, bars, favorite snacks 5-6 servings.
    • Travel clothes: You will need clothing for three days of safari.
    • Toiletry bag: Include toilet paper, soap, wet wipes, toothbrush, towel, hand sanitizer, foot powder, dust mask, ear plugs etc.

    First Aid

    Small personal first-aid kit: (Simple and light) Your guide will have an extensive first-aid kit, so leave anything extra behind. Please let your guide know about any medical issues before the climb.

    Drugs/Medications/Prescriptions: The following are recommended (please see a physician to ask about prescription drugs): Pepto Bismol 500mg tablets for diarrhea. Ciprofloxin (Cipro) for urinary tract infections. Acetazolamide (Diamox) 125 or 250mg tablets for altitude sickness. Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) 200mg tablets for altitude headaches, sprains, aches, etc. Acetaminophen (Tylenol) 325mg tablets for stomach sensitivity. Excedrin for headaches.